Welcome to the Coffs Harbour Florist Shop. Thanks for dropping by. If you’re looking for beautiful flower arrangements that you’d like to send somewhere in the Coffs Harbour, New South Wales area, you’ve come to the right place.

You can count on us to get the flowers to their destination on time. We can make the delivery by the next day, if you’d like. And if you need the flowers to be received on the same day that you place the order, we can do that for you too. Just make sure to order before 2 pm, if it’s a weekday (Monday to Friday), and before 10 am, if it’s a Saturday.

You can also rest assured that the flowers you will be sending will be fresh and lovely to look at. Choose from among the wide assortment of flower bunches and arrangements on our site. Whether you’re sending flowers because of romantic reasons, or because you would like to express your gratitude, sympathy or congratulations, you can be sure that the person receiving the flowers will appreciate your gift.

We offer different variations of color, so that you can choose a bunch of flowers that fits with the message you wish to send. If you’d like to send something bright and cheerful, we offer a Bright Mixed Gerbera Bunch, which offers an eye-catching array of colorful flowers, wrapped in similarly lovely paper. If you would like more variety in the type of flower, we also offer a Bright Mixed Flower Bunch, which also includes a striking mix of colors, this time using gerberas, lilies, and flowers that are in season.

Now, if you’d like to send flowers in a color combination that is more subtle and relaxed, we can provide that as well. For example, we offer a Gorgeous White Bunch package where the flowers that are used (roses, lilies and seasonal flowers), come in elegant shades of white and cream. Everything is put together using similarly-hued ribbon and paper. This is a beautiful set of flowers to give for just about any occasion, including more serious and somber ones such as funerals.

We also offer flower packages that have a color palette that is not so bright. You can consider our Pastel Pink Lily and Rose Bunch. The flowers that make up the bunch are beautiful, with long stems and a sweet smell. The flowers are accompanied by additional, fresh foliage, for more texture, and the bunch is put together with beautiful ribbon. What sets this bunch apart though is that the roses and lilies have more subtle, muted colors. They come in a pastel shade of pink, conveying a more quiet kind of elegance, with color that is still lovely to look at.

If you would like to send flowers with a little something extra, we can do that as well. For instance, we offer the Florist’s Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates and the Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates. Aside from the beautiful flowers, the accompanying chocolates are a great idea if you’re sending the gift to someone with a sweet tooth. If the person is someone who would prefer fruit over chocolates, that isn’t a problem either. We have a Gift Hamper Filled With Seasonal Fruit package, and you can even customize it further by adding a bottle of wine or champagne.

Again, thank you for visiting Coffs Harbour Florist Shop. We hope that you will see something here to your liking. And we look forward to hearing from you, so that we can put together and deliver, the flower package or gift that you need.