Pastel Pink Lily and Rose Bunch

Pastel Pink Lily and Rose Bunch

Imagine radiance of beauty and elegance, soft colours and pastels – you will get the Pastel Lily and Rose Bunch.

The two most delicate flowers are merged here to create such a perfect bouquet. Lilies with long stems and both opened and closed blooms add diversity to the classic beauty of a rose. Both these flower types come in the softest pastel pinks and pastel white shades and release a smell just as gentle and delicate to awaken only the warmest emotions. Our expert florists have carefully assembled the lilies and roses in a sophisticated-looking bouquet for any occasion. Underneath them we have added a nice, fresh and seasonal foliage to match the freshness of the bright blooms.

To fit this all, we also incorporated a luxurious wrap of a classy, silk ribbon – feminine, pretty and bright. Do not let the loved one frown - give them such pure-looking blooms to let them know they are loved sincerely!