Pastel Gerbera Arrangement

Pastel Gerbera Arrangement

You know the term eye-candy? This goes for flowers too! If you mix the sweetest scents, sweetest and softest colours in a most feminine look, you will end up with gerberas and roses in a lovely, delicate box.

This arrangement is perfect for all occasions of joy and congratulations, or simply expressing love. The flowers are so many, and so beautiful, it is even overwhelming. And this is not all – we even add lush and rich green, fresh foliage to hold such pretty blooms.

The gerberas all swoon in 3 colours; the soft yellows, hot pinks and pastel pinks together. Next to them, the shy candy-pink roses add diversity and sweet lingering scent. This is stunning and suitable for the special girl or lady you know, and for any event as well. Many of our customers prefer this arrangement, and indeed, such flowers are the same as a hug and a kiss together! Choose the Pastel Gerbera Arrangement and you won’t go wrong.