Pastel Bunch With Free Vase

Pastel Bunch With Free Vase

You cannot imagine something lovelier than pastels in a sophisticated looking glass vase, right?

Everyone would be amazed to see the magical lilac-pinks, the creamy baby pinks, pastel white with a slightly pink center and lovely greenery in between. Delicate and classic roses, some smaller some bigger create the delicacy of the whole array.

The gerberas boldly show off their big crown blooms in the center, next to the bigger lilac roses and make this floral bunch the most feminine and sophisticated gift. This comes with a nice simplistic and classy glass vase, so the flowers are ready for a beautiful display. These are suitable for multiple occasions, but they would look most gorgeous in the hands of a special lady, a woman that deserves appreciation, respect and utmost love. Choose our Pastel Bunch to give that special someone a thing to remember. This is the right choice – every lady adores pastel pinks!