Bright Yellow Arrangement

Bright Yellow Arrangement

What comes to your mind when you hear the words: sunshine, fields, childhood, joy, carelessness, freedom, nostalgia? Sunflower-like blooms must come to mind instantly.

Our Bright Yellow Arrangement looks like the sunshine rays were borrowed and packed in a gorgeous and cute box for our dear customers.

Those that will hold this bouquet will be thrilled and their face will radiate and glow in a second. All the blooms are fresh, vibrant and seasonal and mostly gerberas are included along other blooms as well. This is the item you need if you know a person that is unique and dislikes everyday clichés. It is for the person that appreciates uniqueness and originality in a world full of copies. Remind them of the joy they felt as kids, of the nice warm days spent outside, when all worries did not exist and only carefree happiness was all there is. Choose Bright Yellow!