Bright Mixed Gerbera Arrangement

Bright Mixed Gerbera Arrangement

Sometimes a sign of care is shown with just flowers and good wishes. The gerberas we have arranged here are colourful, bright and lovely, so they are the perfect gift for those that need cheering up.

Maybe you need to give flowers to someone in a hospital – why not choose this gorgeous bouquet of happy-coloured gerberas to wish ‘get better soon’? Or maybe you need to head to a birthday party and want something fun and lovely, but less classic? All colours are seen here, as if the rainbow is arranged in a box especially for you. Sunny yellows, purest white, deep passionate red, warm dark pink and gorgeous sugary bright pink – they are mixed perfectly and they need no vase since they come in a nice box. Enjoy them for days to come, these gerberas are a bundle of good wishes and nice scents.